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« The Villa Medicis of Acoustics »

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Send a detailed scientific CV as well as a motivation letter (stating the reasons, the advantages, and promise in this application, and the dates of the intended first visit) to

The main criteria for the selection process are academic excellence and the credibility of future fruitful collaboration with LAUM members (in this regard, applicants are encouraged, before applying, to connect with one or several members of LAUM to discuss possible research lines of collaboration).

International relations

Le Mans Acoustique promotes also international relations with partner research centers by funding, managing, and acting in international collaboration projects. We have a number of specific partnerships supported by Le Mans Acoustique and the Université Bretagne Loire. Below is a non exhaustive list of the key partners:

Some words

Some words on the Acoustic HUB® program and visits by Hubist Prof. Steven Garrett

To start, I’d like to make it very clear that I have felt that the “quality” of my visits have been outstanding in every way.  Not only have those visits given me the opportunity to work with the LAUM thermoacoustics group, including faculty, post-docs, and graduate students, but they have given me the opportunity to expand my own research interests into areas in which I had not previously been motivated to make any contributions; specifically areas of musical acoustics and nonlinear thermos-mechanics. 

I appreciated the opportunity the Hub provided to attend the International Symposium on Musical Acoustics in Le Mans two summers ago.  I’ve also made more progress on my acoustics textbook in Le Mans than in any other city I’ve visited over the past three years.  (Much more than I could had I stayed in central-Pennsylvania.)

I have fallen hopelessly in love with the lifestyle I’ve enjoyed during every visit I’ve made to Le Mans.  France’s 31st largest city provides the perfect mix of the convenience of a pedestrian-friendly centre-ville, excellent public transportation, the charm of Cité Plantagenêt, and relaxing parks and river walks along the Sarthe and Huisne.  I’ve eaten in almost every French restaurant in Le Mans and have failed to find a bad meal or a mediocre class of wine.  

I shop at the open market below the Cathedral three days each week.  Please don’t allow me go on to comment on the boulangerie-pâtisseries and charcuteries (La Rouelle de Veau being my favorite), but these examples should suffice to make my point.

I am looking forward to spending three weeks in Le Mans in April attending CFA 2016 and delivering one of the keynote presentations…

If I have any regret at all, it would be that I have still not had the opportunity to learn enough French to converse at any level.”

(2015) Steven Garrett, Professor at Penn State University, PA, USA.

The Acoustic Hub

The Acoustic Hub® program aims at giving the opportunity to recognized and talented researchers from all over the world to collaborate and develop research projects in the field of Acoustics in Le Mans, France, through the funding of repeated research visits in the forthcoming years. We pursue the idea of creating a place of residence for researchers in acoustics, a sort of “Villa Medicis” for the Acoustic community, where interactions, collaborations, discussions, brainstorming sessions, favor efficient and high impact collaborations through a “hub” effect.

The selected professors and researchers, called the “Hubists”, are put in optimal working conditions, by having access to exceptional experimental facilities and by collaborating with the research staff and Professors of the acoustics laboratory LAUM (about 60 people), Masters and Doctoral students (about 120 people) and other international visiting Hubists.

For the most promising and strategic projects, additional funding (PhD fellowship, post-doctoral fellowship) will be provided to strengthen collaborative research.

Research visits are typically intended to be of a duration ranging between 3 weeks to 3 months, and are renewed every year or at more frequent intervals.

Fellowships for the research visits are provided as a complete package to cover travel and living expenses. The amounts will depend on the visit duration, travel distance and experience of the awarded “Hubist” (as an example, they range between €3800 to €7000 for a 4-week visit).