Le Mans Acoustique encompasses research activities in acoustics in Pays de la Loire. Most research is undertaken by the university laboratory (LAUM). Thanks to funding from the regional authority, the consortium supports scientific projects and international doctoral research positions. It also supports international partners and plays host to senior researchers as part of the Hub Acoustique programme.

LMAc campaigns

Paris scientifiques (Scientific gambles)

This call for tenders is aimed at acoustics research groups in the Pays de la Loire region. The aptly named scientific gambles must be targeted projects that explore innovative topics. Researchers must examine a scientific object that differs from the laboratory’s usual field of exploration or established science, or that is not at all guaranteed to succeed.

Post-Doctoral research positions

The call for tenders for foreign junior research posts aims to attract young researchers to set up 12–24 month long joint ventures between local and foreign research centres.


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The consortium as a whole