Instrument maker, repairer

The instrument maker, or luthier, is the craftsman who makes musical instruments, maintains, repairs and grants. unusual art, it involves a very specific know-how and passion for music.

R&D engineer

The job of the engineer is to treat problems related to the design, realization and implementation of products, systems or services. As such, it must have a set of technical knowledge based on solid scientific culture.

Research engineer

Research engineer usually works with consulting firms and engineering studies or service, research and development of a company. Called research engineer in the private sector, it is actually a researcher dedicated to applied research and is generally a PhD.


The researcher is a very high level of scientific invested in research, fundamental or applied. He spends most of his time working for experimentation and progress of his discipline.

Sound designer

Evolving usually in the arts, the designer is the professional who designs and creates soundscapes and sounds for objects we use daily by providing an aesthetic or functional sense singular.

Teacher – researcher

The teacher-researcher works in a university or an engineering school. As the name suggests, its mission is twofold: it is a teacher and as such supervises students and transmit their knowledge. He is also a researcher and devotes most of his time working for experimentation and progress of his discipline.

Technician or assistant engineer

The sound technician takes measurements or experiences and assist the engineer or project manager researcher.